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Update: Following our report this morning on developer IllFonic’s XBLA shooter Nexuiz having its servers shut down XBLAFans was able to get in contact with IllFonic Creative Director Kedhrin Gonzalez about the unfortunate situation resulting from publisher THQ’s bankruptcy. When asked if it was possible for the developer to take control of the servers now that THQ, the current server manager, is no longer around to foot the bill, Gonzalez explained to us via email that IllFonic does not possess the funding to do so.

“We certainly could pay for the servers to be up and running on XBLA outside of THQ,” he said. “However, the cost to do this is too much for IllFonic in our current state.”

As noted in our original story, the game disappeared from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace earlier this month only to reappear a short time after. Gonzalez explained that that too, as we suspected, was a result of THQ’s bankruptcy filing. He informed XBLAFans that the game was de-listed after its servers were taken down. “However, THQ tried to get them back up for a while longer to keep the game alive. Unfortunately, the costs are just too high for THQ or IllFonic to carry. We are very happy THQ tried to keep things running for as long as they could. This situation has been really sad for us at IllFonic and [we] wish there was something more we could do.”

Gonzalez reiterated the point made in yesterday’s Facebook post on the matter, ensuring PC players that the version of Nexuiz on their platform of choice will remain online since it is hosted on completely different servers than those hosting the XBLA version.

But with THQ planning to sell off Nexuiz as part of a lot of game properties to the highest bidder in April, what will become of IllFonic and its shooter? “Nexuiz will remain in the control of IllFonic even if a new publisher wins the bid of Lot 6 Licensed IPs,” said Gonzalez. “However, we are a developer that believes in working with partners…even if it comes through a unseen circumstance like this. We don’t know what to expect in the event someone does purchases the license. Whatever happens, we will do whatever it takes to make sure our PC players can continue to enjoy the game. However, if a new publisher or owner of the licensed IP wants to turn the XBLA lights back on…we certainly wouldn’t be against it.”

Original Story: Due to the much-publicized bankruptcy of publisher THQ, the servers for XBLA shooter Nexuiz have been shut down. IllFonic, the game’s developer, explained on Facebook yesterday that there is no one to maintain the servers now that THQ is defunct.

“As some of you know, the Xbox Servers are now offline,” reads IllFonic’s Facebook post. “It was fun while it lasted on there and we are glad you guys enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, the Xbox Servers were controlled by THQ and in the current state, cannot be maintained anymore. Since the PC servers are different and can be controlled 100% by IllFonic, they will remain online and functional. Thanks!”

Upon attempting to run the game, XBLAFans was met with the following ominous message confirming IllFonic’s statement: “The Nexuiz service is not available. Please try again later.”

Back on February 12, IllFonic said goodbye to THQ on Facebook and stated that it was unsure what the publisher’s closure would mean for Nexuiz. However, the studio promised at the time to make every effort to keep the servers running. “It was a great run and we at IllFonic enjoyed working with them,” the studio said. “What does that mean for Nexuiz? We still aren’t even sure. With all the chaos going on, its a shrug of the shoulders right now. Hopefully we can get more information soon. IllFonic will do whatever we can to make sure the servers stay up.”

Four THQ games were removed from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace earlier this month following a U.S. bankruptcy court ruling finalized the sale of many of THQ’s internal properties and developers this past January. Though Nexuiz was not one of those four games, the shooter was later delisted from the Marketplace, only to be re-listed at some point around February 16.

Polygon reported yesterday that Nexuiz had been put up for sale by the last remnants of THQ. IllFonic’s XBLA shooter is set to be sold as part of a lot of properties that also includes Worms games, some Marvel titles and games based off of television game shows.

We’ve contacted IllFonic in regards to the shutdown, the possibility of the game’s servers going back online at some point and the for sale sign THQ has hung around the Nexuiz property. This story will be updated should the developer issue a response.

Source: IllFonic