Hawken (Xbox Store Page) released for Xbox One today. The game is currently free with in-app purchases. The game features fast-paced FPS gameplay. There are 26 different unique mechs each of which can be customized rather heavily with different weapons, upgrades, enhancements and cosmetics. The game currently has six different modes and nine environments. Zero Jehuty will be streaming Hawken at 6PM EST today on Twitch.tv/XBLAFans.


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 (Xbox Store Page) is the follow-up to IAoVH, which was free via Games with Gold for December 2015. The game is a Diablo-esque loot grind where players take on the role of Van Helsing vanquishing all sorts of monsters. The game is currently $14.99 and released with two optional DLC packs and has an additional expansion planned for release around August.

The Banner Saga 2 (Xbox Store Page) released today as part of the Games With Gold program. As of publication it does not show on the Xbox One Store front but can be downloaded from Xbox.com or by searching for the game. The Banner Saga 2 is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed The Banner Saga. The game plays like a mix of a tactics game and the Oregon Trail. You can watch Cain play The Banner Saga 2 at 1PM EST today on Twitch.tv/XBLAFans

Banner Saga 2

Ethan Meteor Hunter (Xbox Store Page) released today for $9.99 and is currently $8.99 for Gold members. The game describes itself as a mix between Braid and Super Meat Boy. Players control time and precision platforming as they solve physics based puzzles. You can watch The Bearded Djent play Ethan: Meteor Hunter tonight at 9PM EST on Twitch.tv/XBLAFans

Dynamite Fishing World Games (Xbox Store Page) released for $4.99. Players fish with weapons and explosives.

Prison Architect (Xbox Store Page) (XBLA Fans Review) exited the game preview program and entered full release today. The game was given the second ever Must Buy from XBLA Fans. It is a fantastic management sim that excels on console. We will be streaming Prison Architect at a later date on Twitch.

Two new ID@xbox game bundles released today. Letter Quest (XBLA Fans Review) and Three Fourths Home Extended Edition (Xbox One Store Link) for $14.99 and LOOT Ultimate Games Bundle (Xbox Store Link) for $19.99 which includes Jump Jet Rex (XBLA Fans Review), Q*bert (XBLA Fans Review) and Electronic Super Joy (XBLA Fans Review).

Other releases from this week:

Inside (Xbox Store Page) (XBLA Fans Review) from Playdead released for $19.99 to much critical acclaim including a Must Buy from XBLA Fans. Cain streamed a first playthrough of the game on Twitch and that entire playthrough can be watched here.

Playdead's Inside

7 Days to Die (Xbox Store Page) from Telltale Publishing released for $29.99. Our review is still pending for this game, but you can watch Cain’s launch day gameplay impressions or Cain and Djent playing Co-op.

The Magic Circle: Gold Edition (Xbox Store Page) is $19.99 (currently $16.99 for Gold members). The game places players in the role of game developers as they must solve the puzzles behind an unfinished 1st person fantasy game. Bitter streamed the game and you can watch her thoughts here.

Magic circle

Lost Sea (Xbox Store Page) launched for $14.99 and is an action adventure game set inside the Bermuda triangle. Zero Jehuty streamed his first impressions here.

Full Mojo Rampage (Xbox Store Page) (XBLA Fans Review) launched for $12.99. FMR is a roguelike where players play within the confines of a “Voodo reality.” Our reviewer found the game to be “Quite Enjoyable” but noted “veterans of [rogue-likes] will find [it] lacking in challenge.” Moist Zombie streamed the game and you can watch his impressions of the game here.

RE 5

Resident Evil 5 (Xbox Store Page) released for $19.99. Capcom included all DLC for the game as well as updated it to run at 1080P with an improved framerate.

Technomancer and Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens also released. You can watch Bitter play Technomancer here.