It’s time to break out all over again as The Escapists 2 is coming to Xbox One later this year. Xbox Wire got a sneak peek at the new game which promises to bring fans of the original some amazing new features, along with a fairer and more approachable experience

At the top of the list is multiplayer, with a wealth of options for playing with friends and strangers alike. Two multiplayer modes have been revealed, a “drop in/drop” out co-op mode which allows other escapees to join in your efforts at any time, as well as a competitive mode which pits players against each other with the winner being the first to escape.

There’s also a cool new art style, a revamped combat system, new gadgets to craft, and most importantly: a host of daring new ways to break out, with prisons being much bigger, even set over several storeys. Check out the new gameplay video below.

Source: Xbox Wire