Major Nelson has released information this morning announcing that the new dashboard will be officially releasing on December 6th. For anyone not in the preview program, the new features include:

  • Cloud storage of game saves and profiles for easy travel between Xboxes
  • Beacons to let people know what you are interested in playing
  • Facebook sharing
  • Enhanced family settings
  • Bing voice search to help you find content on the Xbox
  • A new look utilizing the Windows Phone/Windows 8 Metro UI that allows control by both Kinect and traditional controllers

All in all it looks to be a nice, big update. Major Nelson also reports that “continuing on an ongoing basis through the holiday months, a wealth of new content will be coming to Xbox 360.” This will include new apps for TV, movies, internet videos (Youtube maybe?), sports, and music. We’ve already talked about a lot of the TV providers coming to Xbox, but it will be interesting to see what else Microsoft has up their sleeves. Stay tuned here for more information about the new update and content as we get it!

Source: Major Nelson