The Ms. Splosion Man table for Pinball FX 2 was developed by Zen Studios and retails for 240 MSP. It will release on August 31, 2011. A copy of the table was provided for review purposes.

Ms. Splosion Man is the latest table for Pinball FX 2 and the first non-Marvel table in some time. This time the theme is none other than the Twisted Pixel heroine, Ms. Splosion Man. But instead of platform action this battle will be won with a silver ball and a pair of flippers. Ms. Splosion Man must battle the agents of Big Science and Mr. Destructoid himself if there is to be any hope of rescuing Splosion Man. This table is rather short in length but doesn’t play particularly fast. It’s in the middle of the line as far as difficulty goes compared to other tables in the series.

Here’s what we liked:

Ms. Splosion Man theme – We are huge fans of Ms. Splosion Man. When we heard that a Pinball FX 2 table was going to be themed after her we got very excited. Zen Studios has not disappointed. Everything about the series has been captured and translated into a pinball game. The scientists from Big Science are still trying to trap you. Mr. Destructoid sounds exactly the same as he does in the actual game. It’s clear that Twisted Pixel had a fair amount of influence on how this table would be constructed. Fans of the series will not be disappointed. Fortunately the theme is not heavy handed, so non-Splosion fans can still enjoy it too.

Bright and well animated – The table is nice and bright. Not only is it easy to look at but it’s also easy to understand. The paths are clear and after a few minutes the basic paths and ramps will become second nature. All of the characters on the table look like they were literally ripped from the source. It feels very authentic and not derivative at all.

Missions really capture the feel – It is not a simple process to make pinball missions capture the feel of another game, but Zen Studios succeeded with flying colors. Missions will have you destroying glass panels in a specific order, sploding barrels at enemies, and hitting sentries in the back with a pinball. Once you get in the groove of the game it really feels like you are playing in the Ms. Splosion Man universe.

Here’s what we didn’t like:

Missions must be completed in order – The only complaint we have here is that the missions all must be completed in a specific order. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this other than that is what they chose in development. This is a pain because some missions are more difficult than others and this makes it difficult to practice a specific one. Other tables allow this and it seems odd that this one doesn’t.


Ms. Splosion Man is yet another high quality pinball table for Pinball FX 2. There really are no major complaints to be had here. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hit the high that the Captain America table does. It’s a worthy addition to the collection and fans are sure to like it. The tables continue to have an extremely high level of polish and playability. This will probably rank in many players top five tables in the collection.

Score: Buy It