Double Fine’s Tim Schafer recently met with SFWeekly and revealed news of a sequel to the recent XBLA hit Double Fine Happy Action Theater. The Kinect only title, which is more of an “experience” than a traditional game, consists of 18 minigames that involve players watching themselves on screen with various elements such as lava, snow or water. It struck a chord with families and at the odd drunken house party, and according to SFWeekly, it looks like the sequel is set to be just as crazy:

“In a recent meeting, designers spent two hours brainstorming different outlandish sequences for the game, such as one where a fox plays bongo drums on a series of eggs, out of which hatches a miniature version of the player.”

Mind. Blown. Well, if your brain hasn’t yet melted or wandered off to some other celestial plane of existence, then you should definitely check out our review for game here. Double Fine Happy Action Theater was released February this year for 800 MSP. Many thanks to our sister site Xbox Kinect Fans for the tip.

Source: SFWeekly via Xbox Kinect Fans