Other than the announcement of a couple of wallpaper winners, which you should look at because they are awesome! Click read more to see the goodness they released of what is coming out in November!

Rather than write up something huge about how much I love this game, how about I give you the link to the MNC website here, and post up the changes they posted today!

Bug Fixes and Gameplay Changes


  • All Arenas:
    • Added game clocks to spawn rooms.
    • Added new opening and closing cinematics.
    • Added heat vents to top of spawn room tunnels.
    • Changed all jump pads to be non-enabled at the start of a match.
  • Steel Peel Arena
    • Added glass walls to break some long lines of sight.
    • Moved turrets in each base.
    • Moved some jump pads to help getting ‘stuck-in-jump’ loops.
    • Added game clocks to the inside of the dome.
  • Ammo Mule Arena
    • Added bridge supports to better protect turrets.
    • Fixed issue that caused AmmoMule to show up less often than intended.
  • Lazer Razor Arena
    • Added extra jump pads to get to the top level of the left side of both ends of the arena.
    • Fixed Bot Spawners showing usable by wrong team.
    • Fixed jump pads not lighting up green when active.
  • Grenade Arena
    • Reduced the number of juice machines so there are the same amount as other arenas.
    • Fixed Bot Spawners showing usable by wrong team.
  • Sprintz Arena
    • Added game clock to spawn room.
    • Added multiple round displays in the arena.
    • Added two more digits to round displays so that they show up to round 9999.


  • Fixed Rail Gun from being able to shoot through nearby walls.
  • Fixed various issues with the Jet Gun.


  • Sniper Traps will now only freeze enemy Pros caught in the initial freeze trap explosion. An enemy Pro entering the area while the effect is active after the initial explosion will only be slowed. Traps work the same on bots as they did before.
  • Changed Flak visual effect to include team color and to have better performance.
  • Fixed issue where Sniper’s Flak would damage players inside their spawn.
  • Fixed Snipers disappearing in the other view port in split screen when they are zoomed in with the Sniper Rifle.
  • Using bot spawners as a Sniper will now spawn two Scrambers.
  • Fixed issue where the sniper rifle, in certain instances, could shoot through walls .


  • Fixed Minigun getting stuck with no ammo and not reloading.


  • Assassins no longer make an audible hum to allied players.
  • Fixed an issue with the cloak sound not going away when the Assassin dies.


  • Fixed an issue with Firebases that caused them to focus on a Moneyball they can’t hit.
  • Reworked Heal/Hurt Gun code to make it more reliable.
  • Fixed griefing with Firebases: Firebases placed on an active jump pad or activating a jump pad with a Firebase on it will now destroy the Firebase.

Other Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed GapShots in Blitz from moving on clients when they are stopped on the host.
  • Reworked reload to greatly reduce the occurrence of having to restart reload when the reload animation was interrupted near the end.
  • Reworked the death UI so that it now displays the endorsements of who killed you.
  • Fixed players assisting in their own death.
  • Fixed Tank’s and Gunner’s jump jets staying on after a jump.
  • Fixed getting charged multiple times when using hazards and juice machines in high lag situations.
  • Changed money, kills, assists and deaths font in the scoreboard to add more emphasis on money making.
  • Fixed new round music riff and crowd cheer to play during Crossfire.
  • Changed formatting of numbers in the ticker to make them more readable.
  • Fixed seeing two Moneyballs in the end-game cinematic if the game ended without one being destroyed.
  • Fixed Bouncers playing their grapple animation when they charge at a player but hit a Blackjack.
  • Fixed Moneyball sometimes showing its shields when it has none.
  • Fixed players recovering health very quickly while juiced.
  • Various audio tuning for frequency and balance of sounds and voices.
  • More improvements to host migration to make it faster and more reliable.
  • More improvements to the party system when joining games and after host migration.
  • Reworked how random maps are chosen to be less repetative.

More to come this week…

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