Monday Night Combat has been out for a few solid weeks now and the XBLA Fans team has put in more than their fair share of hours boasting a combined rank of over 300 between the team. As such, we felt it our duty to share a few of the custom classes we have created. We aren’t saying these are the best, as in the end it is a matter of personal preference, but here is the team we send to the battlefield.

Let us know what class you prefer, and what load out you use, by leaving a comment below

The Assassin: We feel the assassin is deadly for taking snipers and supports as well as killing bots quickly to get juice. Once the Assassin is juiced, turrets and the money ball feel the full fury of the Katana. Oh and for goodness sakes, just avoid Tanks.

Endorsement 1: Speed

Endorsement 2: Skill Recovery

Endorsement 3: Juice

Why:  An assassin is all about speed. The sprint button will save an assassin’s life more than anything. Throw in long term cloaking and more frequent smoke bombs and this Pro is a serious threat. Not to mention how fast they build juice.

endorsement guide: MNC Assault

The Assault: The Assault is by far the most well rounded player in the game and perfectly build to play a mid field sort of role; both destroying and defending turrets from other Pros.

Endorsement 1: Skill Recovery

Endorsement 2: Armor

Endorsement 3: Health Recovery

Why: We like our assaults able to stay in the middle of the fray for as long as possible. Skill recovery allows them to use their bombs and charge attacks more frequently to take out pros, while armor/health recovery keeps them in the fight.
endorsement guide: Gunner

The Gunner: The Gunner is destruction incarnate. Once that duel mini-gun is in place, there is very little that can take a good player out from the front.

Endorsement 1: Armor

Endorsement 2: Rate of Fire

Endorsement 3: Accuracy

Why: Our Gunner can almost always take out your gunner. Armor helps extend our life, while rate of fire and accuracy give us the ability to end another Pro’s life faster.
endorsement guide MNC Sniper

The Sniper: The sniper can take turrets and Pros out from a distance. And nothing clears a tightly packed room of bots faster than fully upgrade explosive rounds.

Endorsement 1: Rate of Fire

Endorsement 2: Juice

Endorsement 3: Critical Hit

Why: When a sniper reaches their explosive rounds it becomes less about hitting heads and more about hitting enemies quickly. Rate of fire helps us not only take out other snipers faster, but it lets us unleash an explosive fury on the other team that builds juice and an alarming rate. Not to mention our shots critical hits destroy everything.

endorsement guide MNC Support

The Support: Quite honestly the most underrated and essential player on any team. While the stat line may not see the dramatic kill to death ratio of some other classes, a support can be that last straw that breaks the camels back on offense or the final line of defense for your team.

Endorsement 1: Skill Recovery

Endorsement 2: Armor

Endorsement 3: Rate of Fire

Why: A support is all about his tools. And this support needs to hack, create firebases and throw airstrikes. Our Armor helps us stay alive in a fray and our rate of fire helps us harm and heal quicker.
endorsement guide: MNC Tank

The Tank: The Tank is literally just that: a tank. Harkening back to the realm of MMO’s, a tank can keep fire away from weaker team members while dishing out his own fiery fury.

Endorsement 1: Clip Size

Endorsement 2: Rate of Fire

Endorsement 3: Critical Hit

Why: The tank is already a monstrosity health wise, so we went for making him an offensive juggernaut. Our tank’s Death Blossom is deadly, and his jet gun and rail gun exceed the average tank. Avoid this big boy at all costs.