The eagerly awaited update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, dubbed the Adventure Update, has finally received a released date. Update 1.8.2 will expand on your block-ish adventures with a host of new features tomorrow, October 16, starting at 2am PDT and followed by continual updates in the ensuing hours. The news was released by the folks over at PlayXBLA, when the above image was displayed as part of their long-running Picture of the Day! contest. Shortly thereafter, the Scotland-based developer 4J Studios confirmed the news via Twitter.

To ensure quality and user experience, the update has been undergoing certification testing at Microsoft since the beginning of October, much to the dismay of fans. Fortunately, that wait is officially over! Take a look at what this update has to offer in the trailer below, courtesy of our friends over at PlayXBLA. The only question remaining is: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the update goes live?

[springboard type=”youtube” id=”EakNifXH42w” player=”xbla001″ width=”640″ height=”400″ ]