It’s the gift that keeps being given, it seems: Mojang’s runaway indie success Minecraft continues to sell through the roof, reportedly chalking up an additional 453,000 sales across all platforms on Christmas Day alone. Minecraft’s creator Markus “Notch” Persson announced the impressive sales milestone via Twitter on Saturday, December 29. Although he initially claimed the sales occurred on December 24, Notch was quick to correct the mistake in a subsequent tweet.

It’s important to note that Minecraft has technically been out in the wild on PC since May 2009, with Android and iOS versions following in 2011. The XBLA version released on May 9 of this year. Simply put, it’s uncommon for games to continue to sell in such large volumes so long after release. According to Polygon, Minecraft had sold approximately 17.5 million copies across all platforms as of December 13. The Christmas Day sales just might have pushed Minecraft beyond the 18 million milestone.

Source: Notch via Polygon