Minecraft for XBLA gives you just about every recipe that is currently available in the game. However, there are a few furnace recipes that are a little unclear to newcomers.

  • Sand when placed into a heated furnace will turn into glass. Glass cannot be broken down as it will shatter.
  • When cobblestone is placed into a furnace, it will turn back into smooth stone; however, when broken down it will return to cobblestone.
  • Lava can be used to heat a furnace. To do this, you need an iron bucket to capture the lava from the source. When placed into a furnace, it will head the furnace for a much, much longer time than a single piece of coal.
  • If you can’t find coal, you can create it using wood. Wood when burned will turn into charcoal. This is great for early game when you need torches.
  • Also, don’t forget that you can cook porkchops to increase the healing power of them!

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