Microsoft will finally pull back the curtain on Universal Windows Apps — applications that run across Xbox One and all Windows 10 devices — on March 30 at its annual Microsoft Build Developer Conference in San Francisco, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer revealed today.

“We will discuss our next steps with the Universal Windows Platform at //build later this month,” Spencer tweeted this morning.

Though developers are currently able to build Xbox One apps, those apps do not also run across Windows 10 PCs, phones and tablets. It appears, however, that the arrival of that functionality is now imminent.

According to anonymous sources who are said to be close to the situation, “a number of apps and plans to open the platform to developers” will be highlighted at Build, reports The Verge.

Universal Windows Platform

Interestingly enough, these revelations come on the same day that Epic Games co-founder Tim Sweeney absolutely excoriated Universal Windows Apps in a piece for The Guardian. Sweeney claimed that “Microsoft has built a closed platform-within-a-platform,” which he believes “is the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made.” He insisted that Microsoft left the entirety of PC app and game developers, distributors and publishers with but two choices: stand in opposition of Universal Windows Apps or hand their control of app and game sales and customer relationships over to Microsoft.

For his part, Spencer called Universal Windows Platform “a fully open ecosystem, available to every developer” that is able to “be supported by any store” in a tweet linking to this blog post. Sweeney, seemingly changing his tune in light of these details, later retweeted that statement, saying he liked the sound of it. Then, in a sort of Twitter-ception, Spencer retweeted that tweet.

Sources: @XboxP3, The Verge, The Guardian