Just a few weeks after the news that Microsoft was prepping the first large Xbox One update to enhance the Live Experience, the details of the next two system updates have been revealed. The first system update will occur on February 11 and will contain a multitude of features that improve the console experience, bringing it more in line with what gamers are used to from the Xbox 360. The second major update will occur on March 4 overhaul the heavily criticized party and multiplayer system in preparation for the release of Xbox One’s first blockbuster exclusive multiplayer game Titanfall on March 11.

Feb 11 Update:

  • Players will now have the ability to see and manage their storage space, similar to what was available on the Xbox 360.
  • Better download management will also be available, to make it easier to prioritize certain items.
  • The My Games and My Apps have been split into separate lists, which means game and app downloads have separate queues.
  • Gamers can now a USB keyboard with their Xbox One.
  • A battery power indicator has been added to the home screen so players know when their battery is low and needs to be replaced. Major Nelson tweeted a close-up of what the battery indicator will look like:

March 4 “Prepare for Titanfall” Update:

  • New party and multiplayer updates among other unannounced features.


Microsoft says that more details on features will be available in the coming weeks and regular updates based on fan feedback will continue as the Xbox One moves forward.

Source: Xbox Wire