Mad Catz has dropped a new controller on us this year at E3, and it’s first person shooter focused. This thing is packed with all kinds of goodness: mapped buttons, special grips, even custom glow lighting. Check out all the pictures and the actual press release after the jump.

Coming Soon!

Designed to offer a tactical advantage when playing first person shooter’s, the F.P.S. Pro GamePad features two newly refined Combat Buttons located on the rear of the gamepad allowing for on-the-fly custom remapping. With a choice of nine pre-set modes, gamers can use the Combat Buttons to re-map Action Button or ThumbStick commands, empowering players to shift melee or sprint to the rear buttons in order to maintain full motion control of the analog sticks.

Dominate first-person shooters with Mad Catz’ F.P.S. Pro for Xbox 360. Equipped with a pair of unique, easily-accessible “Combat” buttons for on-the-fly custom remapping; perfectly executed headshots are easier than ever. An LED resides beneath each analog stick to provide immersive backlighting, and each can be independently adjusted to glow green, orange or red. With a 9.8ft (3m) cable to ensure lag-free gameplay, vibration feedback technology to feel all the action, plus ergonomic non-slip grips for extended gaming sessions, the F.P.S. Pro is the weapon of choice for fans of first-person shooters.