Earlier today, EGM Now had the “pleasure” of breaking the news that Replay Games has obtained the rights to the Leisure Suit Larry franchise and is working on bringing the franchise back for multiple platforms including Xbox Live Arcade. Replay’s first priority is to remake the original game, being called Leisure Suit Larry HD and get it out the door in 2012. From there, Replay will evaluate the success and potential future of the franchise and move on to making other previous series entries available for digital download. Development of an all-new Leisure Suit Larry is also being planned.

For those of you wondering what Leisure Suit Larry is, think perversion, humor and controversy. The games can best be described as adventure titles centered around a 40-year old “lovable loser” who spends his time trying to seduce women. For a more intricate look at Larry’s history, head on over to EGM Now. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for more coverage of Leisure Suit Larry HD and any other Leisure Suit Larry titles that end up peeping their way onto XBLA.

Source: EGM Now