Originally announced as a PS Vita title, 2D fighter Legend of Raven will also be made available on PS4 and Xbox One. The developer, Nicalis Inc., is made up of a team of ex-SNK fighting game experts and is best known for creating 2D action-adventure titles for the Wii, mobile platorms and PC.

Legend of Raven takes place in Japan when, on Christmas Day 1926, a revolution against the government breaks out. The revolution is started by a rebel faction who hopes to restore Japan to its former glory. In order to quash the revolution, the government sends out a group of elite assassins, known as the “Yatagarasu.”

The new trailer showcases the eight fighters that will be featured in Legend of Raven:

  • Uruka – Hattori Clan
  • Kou – Iga Spy
  • Chadha – Grappler
  • Crow – Mysterious Fighter
  • Hina – Peacekeeper
  • Jyuzumaru – Ainu Warrior
  • Shimo – Loyal sister
  • Jet – Boxer

Furthermore, the online mode for Legend of Raven is powered by GGPO, a middleware used for its “lag-free” experience, which is a critical element for online fighters. Legend of Raven is due out during the fourth quarter of 2013.