Bloober Team recently announced that not only would Layers of Fear 2 receive a sequel, but that the sequel would release in the next year. Furthermore, developer Gun Media who many will know as one of the development teams behind Friday the 13th: The Game is also onboard to work alongside Bloober Team on the development of the game. The trailer released on Gun Media’s youtube page on October 25th, 2018 and is simply titled, “Project Méliès – The Reveal”. It doesn’t become apparent to viewers that they have just watched a trailer for Layers of Fear 2 until the very end as the title is displayed on a theatre screen.

The trailer, which is only a minute and 10 seconds long, is unique in the fact that it starts out normal on what appears to be a ship, but quickly takes a dive towards the weird, and furthermore the outright demented. A narrator questions who you were, and who you are now before the screen flashes up the Layers of Fear 2 logo and thrilling music ensues. This gives us a broad idea of what the plot of the second game might entail. Unfortunately, this is only a mere teaser to announce the game. Any details about the plot may just need to wait till a more in-depth trailer or any additional information releases at a later date. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the phenomenal horror of the first Layers of Fear yet, the game is currently available as part of the Xbox Game Pass. You can also read our review of the game here. If you wish to see the reveal trailer for yourself, you may find it down below.