MW2 Glitch

Talk about one strange glitch for sure… this is the latest from the Modern Warfare 2 series, only this time the victim is none other than Japanese developer, SNK Playmore. After all of the bullets have stopped flying about in what looks like a digital drive-by of sorts, SNK is left wondering why this happened in the first place and who is to blame between what appears to be Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 and/or Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

Now I’ve heard from a few sources on the Internet that the so-called MW2 Free Game glitch does in fact work as was described over at Worthplaying. Just how someone figured out this in the first place, by starting up Modern Warfare 2 or even the Demo of the game and then with only a few clicks you’d be able to unlock the trial versions of some SNK games and then play the full version… it just boggles my mind. Fact is, it’s a glitch that is very easy to perform and people have more than likely stumbled upon it without even knowing it in the first place.

But we all know how fast things like this can really spread on the web and I can only imagine we’ll see a huge spike in downloads for Garou: Mark of the Wolves,  The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX and Samurai Showdown II over on Xbox Live because of all this. I myself plan to stay clear of this glitch and I only hope between Modern Warfare 2 and Microsoft a fix will come about very soon for SNK’s sake. Do you plan to accidentally pull the trigger here on this MW2 glitch and claim you had no idea that the game was loaded?