About: This is just a walkthrough, not an achievement guide. While I will point out a few achievements, I was missing some and have yet to figure them out. I will update this when I do.


Beginning the game, you’ll be trying to stop a train. This event happens later on but serves as the prologue. It isn’t supposed to make sense to you yet. Your goal is to use a radio to call in to make the request. At the start, you will notice a lock box near the sign. Do the following:

  • Cut the Rope with the Razor Blade
  • Grab the Key
  • Back out and go to the telephone
  • Use the key on right right and pick up the Coin
  • Go back to the lock box and use Coin on first box
  • Grab the Key
  • Read the note that says 420
  • Back out and go to telephone
  • Call the number 420
  • Introduce yourself as Vanja
  • Go back to the locks and choose combination 777 on bottom box
  • Grab the Radio and combine it with Wire
  • Examine Radio and press the button

That’s it! You’re on to the first chapter.

Chapter 1

News Station

You’ll be in a area with lots of cameras and lights. You need to make a speech on Communism and it’s your duty to spread the word on how wonderful it is. Your goal is to make the speech, which instead of being easy is going to take some effort. Start by talking to the man in a blue suit.

  • Give Invitation to man in blue
  • Get on stage and sit down at the end of the table
  • Choose any dialogue options presented
  • Get up and examine your suitcase
  • Take the Records, Speech Folder, and Slides (on the top).
  • The puzzle goes as follows: 1: Oh no! The end is coming!, Only the leader can save us, Leader, save us, red star to the rescue, meteor going towards the statue, meteor sinking in water, and then handshaking. You can see the picture below for a visual solution.
  • Go to the map and bring the screen all the way to the bottom
  • After examining it, go to the blue suit guy and ask about a Canvas
  • Obtain the White rolled-up screen and place it on the wall
  • Move the canvas up once
  • Go to the box on the right that is red. Place the record labeled “He” on the player. Press the slider on the left and the speed to 45. Then press the button on the top right to start it.
  • Go to the projector and take out the slide holder, then combine it with your slides. If you want an achievement, you can put in all the slides that are family photos. Any as the main character as a child will be needed. Play it then start the puzzle over by examining slides. Once the slides are placed in the projector, turn on the switch then press play on top.
  • Finally, go to the podium and use your speech folder on it.
  • Exit the stage and through the door, after being talked to, exit again.


There are multiple rooms to search in the house. A lot of things you can do in any order that you want.

  • Go upstairs and below the bookshelf is a red curtain. Interact with it and take the book. Examine the book to find your Passport.
  • Talk to the mother about laundry and the phone call
  • Go downstairs to the phone and dial 0071234. It won’t work, so you’ll have to go down to the basement which is through the small door nearby. Interact with the switchboard.
  • Puzzle: You must plug in colored wires to match shapes with the displays. Yellow – Row 1 / Slot 2 and Row 2 / Slot 3 White Row 1 Slot 1 / Row 2 Slot 4 Blue Row 2 / Slot 2 and Row 4 Slot 4 Pink Row 3 / Slot 3 and Row 4 / Slot 1. An image is provided if you scroll down.
  • Go back upstairs to the phone. Dial 0071234 and choose the password which is Zegryslav (I think it’s the 4th down). You can just keep retrying if I remembered that wrong.
  • Head back upstairs to your room. Examine the desk. Take the Scissors, Photo of Leader, and the Bust (the bust is for slight humor later).
  • Back at the phone, place the picture of the leader next to the phone. You must be interacting with it to see the shelf.
  • Inside the basement there is someone stuck. Go to the now opened locker and you’ll see a picture of cards that give you the code 040281. Enter this on the numeric pad by the exit. Grab the Rifle and Metal Cutter.
  • Use the Metal Cutter on the flower holder, which is near pipes to obtain Metal Stem.
  • Head to the kitchen after the scene. Go to the table and use Scissors on the flower petal on the table cloth to get Wooden Flower.
  • Next, open the fridge. Grab the pot and place it in the oven or on top of the stove. Both scenarios work out the same. Once it’s done, examine and eat it.
  • Now combine the Metal Stem with Wooden Flower. Go to he basement again and find the green bags of soil. Use the Pot on the soil. You may have to cut the bag with Scissors first. Combine Stem with Flower into the Pot of soil.
  • Up in your room, put the flower pot on the window and interact so that it’s on the left side. Something will fly through the window. Pick up the brick. Examine it and choose the gear option. Read the note.
  • Head down to the basement and grab Red Socks from the laundry machine. Combine the suitcase with the red socks. Head back to your room and notice your clothes are folded by your desk. Grab and combine them with the suitcase. Now move the flower back to the right.
  • Yet another rock will fly through the window. Head back to the basement, but say bye to your parents if you want an achievement first.
  • Talk to Anna’s arm in the window. Give her the suitcase. Drop the guns into the washer. I’m not sure if you ever needed to pick up the guns or not in the first place since we didn’t use them for anything. But better to destroy them so your family doesn’t look like terrorists if it’s found. Go back to Anna and depart.


Hotel Lobby

You arrive in the new country but must follow their procedure for getting a room. This includes filling out an application and providing a stamp. Sounds easy enough right?

  • Run to the bottom left. Talk to the men at the desk. Grab the application from the one with the white hat.
  • Head to the right where there is a giant gold statue. Interact with the podium. Place the application down and use the pencil and mark the first box only. The instructions are supposed to be done in the opposite way it tells you. Make sure you grab the application before leaving. Head back to the desk and talk to the man on the right to submit your application. Exhaust all options of dialogue.
  • Go to the right and find another desk with a key sign above it. The man will call the porter to a different desk. Go back to your left to find a man in a road coat. Hand him your suitcase.
  • Go to the currency exchange desk to the right. Ring the bell (it will do it three times if you’ve done everything correctly). Talk to him and give him your money. You’ll now have tons to spend, because of the exchange rate.
  • Now to the machine on the top right. It’s a vending machine. You need the gum, keychain, and the male doll. Place the money on the tray to begin. This puzzle is extremely difficult if you don’t understand how it works. I never bothered learning it, I just spammed all the buttons. However, I will provide you with the answers. Think of the pad like a numeric one. Row 1 is 123, Row 2 is 456, and row 3 is 789. When I say press 34, it will mean press them like you’re dialing two numbers on a dialing pad. Should be easy to follow. The answers will unlock every item and in order. You get an achievement for doing all of them as well as obtain a postcard for a different achievement later. Puzzle Solution: 95, 73, 18, 52, 49, 76, 63, 21, 47. You can see a visual version of this scrolling further down.
  • After you exit the puzzle chew the gum. Combine the keychain and gum, then combine it with the doll. Take this new item to the guy in the brown coat at the main desk. You’ll have to ring his bell. Give him the stamp. The next puzzle is simple, just press the buttons to match pictures. It’s a quick one. Now head up the stairs.

Hotel Room

This part was extremely tricky for me, probably the hardest area because I could not figure out a few things. Luckily for you, I did figure it out and will now explain how to continue the story.

  • Go to your right and see a desk with a dog on it. Grab the bathroom application. You’ll hear a knock on your door, so go answer it.
  • Exhaust all dialogue and then give him your bathroom application. You must now fill it out, and it’s another puzzle. Again, I didn’t feel like figuring out how this one worked. So I spammed all the boxes until it was done. It’s very easy and won’t take long guessing. Once the boxes are checked green you don’t have to worry about them.
  • Head past the bed and turn on the light switch to the right. Go back to the bathroom and grab toilet paper. Give it to the guard. He will give you soap. Close the door on his face.
  • Again in the bathroom, put the Stamp you created into the tub. Turn on the water and drop the soap inside. Jump in and get clean.
  • Obtain the Razor and Brush from the mirror. Examine the Razor and pull the pin to expose the blade. Once back in the room, answer the door.
  • Open your suitcase when it’s thrown on the bed. It’s not yours! Time to improvise. Open it and grab the racket and socks. Examine and open the racket case. Now go to the bookcase. Grab Laundry Detergent. Shut entrance door again and obtain the gas mask if you hadn’t gotten it already.
  • Head over to the dusty side of the room and choose to use racket on the hanging red carpet. Talk to the new person behind the door. There is also yet another application by the broken window, so grab it too.
  • Run to the bathroom and break the mirror with the racket. You’ll find a Spy Recorder. Put the black socks into the machine by the tub. Now use the detergent as well and turn the machine on. Now you have white socks.
  • Use the phone by the bed and dial 55. You’ll be told you can’t yet. Go back to the guard and give the application to him. You will again need to do stamping, this one is a little more difficult but still pretty easy.
  • On the nightstand by the phone is a pamphlet. Read through the pages, specifically to find the menu. Now you can call 55 again.
  • Order Sticky Fingers and go find it near the locked door on the right. Grab the Bread and Glass and put the plate back so it goes away. Now order the Red Combo. Place the socks in the food (don’t worry, you won’t be able to eat the food after).
  • Now to prepare your pass. Open up your passport and use the razor on your picture. Consume the drink to have an empty glass. Eat the Bread to obtain flour. Combine the flour and glass. In the bathroom, combine the water in the bathtub with the glass, and combine that with the shaving brush.
  • Before you continue, if you go to the phone and dial 22, you may set up a wake-up call which earns you an achievement.
  • Now go back to the locked door and talk to the trapped man. He will give you the pass, but sometimes it’s tricky to get that option. If he does’t give it to you, make sure you pick all options when talking to the guard at the door. If still having issues, make a phone call to 11, 22, and 99. Just try to get all dialogue out of the way. Once he gives it to you, combine it with the glued photo and give it to the guard. He will finally leave and you can exit the room.

Back to the Hotel Lobby

All you have to do now is free the prisoner. Time to go back to the lobby once more.

  • Go to the desk with the key sign above it. The man there is asleep. Take the “Reel-to-reel player”.
  • Examine the Spy Recorder. Keep the cursor on where a tape should go. If one is already on there, remove it. Now place the new tape onto it.
  • Press the record button and choose Beet 13.
  • Head back to the hotel room. There is a hatch by the door. Open it and search. Place the Spy Recorder in the red area where there’s a socket. Use the red button to switch to the red choice (it’s key shaped).
  • This will play a command that makes all the other characters kneel before the statue. You can now grab the key to free the prisoner.
  • Go to the desk with the key sign. Interact with the keys. There will be a lot of them hanging up, you need the set that is labeled 369. You’ll find it in the middle near the top, behind the 336 key.
  • Back in the hotel room, go to the locked door. Interact with the peep hole and choose to give it the key. After the scene, return back to the lobby.
  • Talk to the man at the desk. He will make you give him back certain items. Give him the gas mask, racket, pamphlet, and the bust if you chose to grab it.
  • Talk to the man by the hotel exit, and leave.

Outside in the city area

There is a lot to do out in the town. Some of the tasks involve many steps just to get one item.

  • Ignore everything and go to the center and back of town where there is a construction zone. Follow the path to the man sitting on a pipe.
  • Grab the comic beneath him. Speak with him to obtain the phrase book, which will let you understand a new language once you’ve examined it.
  • Return to the main area, and you’ll notice your new guard has been teleporting. You can hand him a comic book to stop him in whichever location you want. Go ahead and hand him the comic now, while he’s sitting on the fountain.
  • Head back near the entrance of the hotel and talk to the man next to the horse.Talk to him, and then give him the chess piece you have which was given to you by the prisoner.
  • Head to he right to find a fortune teller sitting on a carpet. Talk to her to collect a small bottle.
  • Next to her is the mailbox, you can send your postcard for an achievement.
  • While heading back to the construction zone, fill up the bottle with water.
  • At the construction zone, dump the water into the mixer machine (red and to the bottom left of area).
  • Go forward on the path and you’ll see new characters. Press the horn which will lift a curtain. Press it again to lower a platform.
  • Get onto it, and talk to the crane operator. Offer him some vodka. Lower back down and head back to the town area.
  • Go to the right most area and you’ll see a guy moving glasses by some boxes. Talk to him.
  • Head back to the middle of the town and talk to the butcher. He will give you a task that will go on for a while, as you must talk to several people.
  • Go to the right and keep talking to the people in the crowd, one will want Flour.
  • Miller can give you flour, he’s the dad of the prisoner located by the horse. Talk to him about it. Now go back to the construction zone to talk to the welder lady near the pipe. Miller wants a horseshoe in exchange for the flour.
  • After speaking with her, she’ll want two items. Head back to the town area and speak to the women standing in front of the hotel, next to the girl with a baby. Talk to her. Pick these options to make the baby laugh: 4th, 2nd, 5th, 5th. You will receive a flower.
  • Go to the fountain and fill the glass up with water, and combine it with the flower to create perfume. Take this back to the welder.
  • The surveyor has turned away and is now not paying attention. Look through the equipment behind him. Use it to spot some sand on the roof.
  • You may now head to that building. It’s a puzzle that requires you to walk a certain path to get to the top.
  • Enter the starting door. Choose the following: left, right left. A visual is provided below if you got lost.
  • In the new rooftop area, grab the rake and take it all the way back to the area with the butcher. Use the rake to obtain the skull above him.
  • Now go to the girl with the baby. Use the skull on the dog. Grab the bowl. Talk to the girl about the carnation. Use money on her to buy it. Now you can go return to the welder for her second gift. She will require a hoof imprint.
  • The mixer is needed, so we’ll add more stuff to it. You should already have put water in it using the glass bottle. If not, you can use the bowl.
  • Go back up to the roof and use the bowl on the sand pile. Put the sand in the mixer. Now place the bowl next to the concrete where the workers are sleeping. Get into the machine and you will fill the bowl with concrete. Toss that into the mixer and turn it on. You will be left with mortar, which is hard to see in the bowl.
  • Head back to Miller and his horse. Use the bowl on it. Take the newly obtained Hat to the welder. Now return to Miller again and give him the horseshoe. Grab the bag of flour from the wagon.
  • Talk to the crowd and give the flour to the woman who speaks up about needing flour. This can be a little tricky to get to work.
  • Instead of a meat ration card, you get a sugar one. Take this to the man on the pipe in the construction zone. He’ll give you a meat ration card, which you’ll now take to the butcher who will now give you a vodka bottle.
  • Wow, that was a lot of steps to get some booze! Go take the comic book away from your guard on the fountain, then go to the construction area and give it to him. Return the main town and take the vodka bottle to the man on the right so that you can gamble it away for a chance to get a crate.
  • The game you play is just following the water glass and choosing it at the end. You just have to guess right three times. You can lose but will restart and be able to try again. I will point out now that if you offer the crate of alcohol to a bunch of people, you will get an achievement. You must do it before you interact with the crane operator.
  • Grab the Crate after you win and take it to the crane operator using the lift. Give him the alcohol, I know it’s a tough decision.
  • Get the guard to go back to the fountain using the comic book yet again. Now go back to the construction zone and honk the horn next to the surveyor. A hook will drop, use it to pull off the cement slab. You must honk the horn when ready for it to lift. Now you’ll notice you need a ladder when trying to exit. Go back up to the roof with a sand pile. Interact to have the crane bring the ladder down. You will need to honk the horn to get it. Now you may exit. Finally!



  • When the train stops, cross over to the opposite side so that you’re in the foreground.
  • Interact with the pigeon on the trash can.
  • Now, interact with it when the light turns off that is above the big statue. It will cause it to fly over and poop on it. This makes the kid mop it up and allows you to freely use the train.
  • There will be a brief scene. Choose the 5th option when it’s given to you.
  • You can go in any direction, but I went left on the train which means I ended up in an area with a tiger. Proceed anyway, and you’ll find Rocks. After picking them up, grab the Green Uniform on the clothesline. There is a Firefan in the corner, left of the building with a tank on it. Talk to the building in the building, then leave. Once back at the metro, go to the right (there is an arrow on the sign that switches).
  • In the rundown carnival looking section, you’ll watch a small scene play out and you will grab the painting. Your main objective is to look like the General. NOTE: You will notice the tiger is now in the cage on the right. If you had initially gone right instead the first time, it would be missing and you’d have a different interaction with the children.
  • Grab the rubber jump rope hanging by the cage. Now cut the Balloon down with the Razor to obtain it.
  • Talk to the man in the middle area that is in a booth. He looks like an astronaut. Your goal is to win the competition to earn the Bag of Sugar.
  • You can do them in any order. Do brick laying behind the score sign. It’s pretty easy to reach the end. To the left, you’ll find a shooting gallery. Getting 20 points will net you an achievement. Now talk to the people sitting at the table to enter the song contest. You instantly win it. Grab the Y letter below the desk. There is an ink bottle to the right, grab that as well.
  • Go to the little stand nearby. It’s for making cotton candy. Cut the string to grab the balloon. Put the Anti-Fire fan into the right stand. Exit.
  • Combine the Rope with the Y. You now have a slingshot. Now combine it with Rocks to load it with ammo.
  • Head to the right of the car, and go into the outhouse. Here you will be planning your disguise. Grab the Journal while you’re in here, then go outside. Talk to the General before leaving, so that you can get some Draft paperwork.
  • Talk with the painter. Steal his paintbrush when he has moved. Move to the old man on the left and give him a grenade so that you get medals. You can also place your two balloons on the nearby lever if you’d like.
  • Go back on the train and get on it when the arrow points left.
  • Head left on the road and shoot at the tank gun with your slingshot. This will lower the gun and allow you to find boots. Go to the bunker and give the woman the Army Draft Notice. Now talk to the buff guy next to her and he will leave. Take the Navy Blue cap off of the green missile doll head.
  • Exit, and examine the Journal. It’s a fashion magazine. Go to the next page until you find one that says #5 on it next to legs. Use your Razor Blade to cut it out. Now talk to the woman in the bunker again and give her the magazine. She will hang up the Yellow Stockings. They’re yours now, take them and exit.
  • You’ll notice the curtain is now open near the bunker. Open the medkit on the right and take the Laxative. Put the Blue Ink into the water, followed by the Uniform. It turns into a Dyed Uniform. Interact with the soot to the left and choose the Dirty Harry “look”. Head back to the metro.
  • Talk to the homeless guy and give him the boots. Ask for the Votive Candle as a reward. Let’s go to the right area again. Go to the helium tank and use the Rubber Product on it. This will create a …new balloon. Let’s clean up our inventory a little bit. Use the Razor Blade on the paintbrush. Combine the Handle with the Candle. Go to the outhouse. Place he Uniform and hat inside. Put down the portrait so you can keep track of what you have completed. Now put down the stockings and the medals. Combine the glue with the bristle. Place the red socks and pipe down. You have completed the disguise.
  • Exit, and as you head back to the metro, snag up the prize from the booth before you leave. Once at the station head left and tie the cool new balloon to the lever. It will keep the stairs on the far right lifted so you can grab a bucket. Get back on the train and go to the carnival looking area again.
  • Go back to the broken cotton candy machine. Place the bucket on the right. Place the bag of sugar inside the bucket. Now add the laxative. Use the stick and you’ll have a powerful cotton candy treat for the general. Go to your outhouse and make sure the green thing on the right is showing. If it’s red, change it. I guess it is for showing occupancy or something, I don’ really know. Go give the general the cotton candy to advance to another scene.

Car Ride and Car Troubles

You are in disguise like a real spy. The car runs out of gas because you’ve had the driver go on a different route. This section is pretty short.

  • While in the car, read the folder.
  • The hermit will jump out. Tell him Leshy is a moonshiner. Your new task is to make a snack.
  • To the left of the tent there is some trash. Pick up the bottle.
  • Go to the left and fire your slingshot at the mutant bird. Pick up the eggs and the mousetrap after the cutscene.
  • Combine the eggs and the mousetrap, then place it on the hood of the car.
  • Enter the cabin of the car. Take the scented babushka. Exit and open it by examining it. You’ll get a spare key. Use it to open the gas cap of the car, then place it into the ignition inside the car.
  • Exit, and go to the green swirling tubes. Cut it and examine it to create a lasso. Now go left and use the lasso on the large mushroom. Place the mushroom in the funnel and use the bottle to collect the liquid.
  • Use the liquid to fill up the car, then hop inside and set the Gearbox stick to the middle. Now turn the key to start the car.
  • This will warm up the eggs. Take them to the hermit and watch the scene unfold.



You’ll start off in a prison cell. You’re going to need to escape!

  • You’re close enough to pick up the bucket, so do so. Examine it and mess with the handle so that it comes off. Examine the handle so that you straighten it.
  • Use this new tool to reach keys that are on in the door of the cell to your left. Throw these keys into the lamp above you.
  • Move your cot and go down the hole. You’ll arrive in an underground cell.
  • Take the purple blanket and read the diary.
  • Interact with the lower door (the grate) and pick up the glasses.
  • Now with the top part of the door, you can talk to the guard. Tell him you’re hungry and take the spoon.
  • Read the diary again on the skeleton. Flip to the last page and on the left, you’ll see dark black markings. Use the glasses on it. You now know where to dig.
  • At the wall on the right, use the spoon and dig on the brick that looks like a shoe. It’s a smaller brick a little above the center and to the left.
  • You can now climb a ladder to a new area. Cut the rope and go back to the previous cell you were just in.
  • Use the rope on the water bowl to make it wet. Use the wet rope on the door to set a trap.
  • Before we perform this trick, we’ll need to crawl back up the hole to our original holding cell. Put the blanket on the cot, then go back to your trap.
  • Turn on the electricity. Now shout to the guard through the door. Reach underneath the grate to obtain a gun. Examine it and interact with the top part to take a bullet out.
  • Go up the ladder from the area you dug out. Put the bullet into the padlock, then use glasses to magnify the sun ray to make it explode. This is done while close up to the padlock. Now you can exit down the stairs.

Palace Courtyard

A huge part of this next area is figuring out a password. It takes many steps which can all be avoided if you want to skip it. You should know what you’re doing by now, so I’ll leave it up to you if you want to figure out the password on your own. The only thing you have to do is get the men to sing the Airmen song. To do that, grab the oar by the soldier and use it in the pool to get the wine. Give the wine to the singing men in order to gain the knowledge that the second part of the password is one of those lyrics. I believe you also must read the sign next to them. Once you’ve done that, go tell the guard 1, Already, December 18th, and Green. This will let you in the room.

  • Run up the planks and into the palace doors. Talk to the soldier. He will want a password. You won’t know it yet. Grab the ore from the statue nearby. Check the menu and see that today is Friday because of the menu item on the table. Head outside.
  • Use the oar in the pool to get the wine bottle. Give this wine to the people who sing on the left and choose to listen to the Airmen song. This gives you the second part of the password which is “already”.
  • Go to the golden statue with the scaffolding and look at it. The camera will move up and you’ll see the third flag is green.
  • Inside the tank is a calendar which has December 18th as the birthday. Report back to the soldier in the palace with your password: 1, already, December 18th, and green. You can now enter the room.
  • Inside this war room, go to the computer. You will want to press on button 2 and hit the green button. Hit the orange button on number 6. The next numbers will be making all turns lead left. So hit the green button on numbers 10,11, 12, 13, and 15. Also, turn the bridge on number 16. Go to number 8 and hit the green button. Exit the computer.
  • Go to the center table where they are strategizing. Use the bucket handle to grab the candle while the other guys have their sticks off the table. It might take a few tries.
  • Outside, the pool is drained. Use the candle on the lit fire.
  • Grab the ladder on the new tank that appeared. Go back to the empty pool area and through the tunnel. Use the ladder on the statue to grab a can of food. Use the bottle opener on it which was obtained from the first tank (inside of it). Eat the food, then use the opener again.
  • Combine the can with the glasses. Combine the glasses with the candle, you now have a telephoto lens. Head back to the password door.
  • Go to the camera. Use the crank. Take the wooden plate on the left and place it into the camera. Use the crank to tilt it back up, and place the new telephoto lens onto it. Go back to the computer and make sure you are zoomed in on the 6th button. Go back to the camera and use the release cable. Snap the picture of the zoomed document. Make sure to tilt the camera down and take the slide. Exit and go to the hole in the wall below the red sign. Get it developed.
  • Bring the photo to the guard in the hallway, who is dressed in white.
  • After the scene, grab the goblet from the trophy case.
  • Talk to Anna in the hallway, and then leave.
  • Go to the cow and fill the goblet with milk. Use the bucket handle to stir it into butter.
  • In front of the tank, you will find a new ammunition box. Open it to grab some ammo.
  • Inside the tank load the butter to get an achievement. Then load the tank ammunition and fire away. You can actually do this step without the butter, but will not get an achievement if you skip it.
  • Head back to the office in the palace. Grab the saber on the left and cut the rope on the right.
  • Now use the oar on the curtain that fell. It’s like whack-a-mole. Hit everything except the round helmeted figure, which is Anna. You will find yourself where you left off from the prologue.

That’s it! You’re all done. You have beaten the game. If you want, you can replay it to figure out the missing achievements. I haven’t been able to figure them all out myself. Please leave a comment if you found any that aren’t automatically unlocked. I have beaten the game twice and still need 6 more. One of them is for completing all of the games for the contest. There is a racing one but it says you need your own bike. I didn’t see any kind of bike, so I am still not sure how that one is completed. I hope this helped you run through the game quickly.