While Hybrid may be a match-based multiplayer shooter, the newest trailer shows how the overarching game can be just as important as a single battle. When you start the game, you must pick a side: either Paladin or Variant. These two factions are bitter rivals, fighting a world-wide war over dark matter. Before you enter battle, you must select a district in order to push your team’s base towards the dark matter in the center. Every district has three pieces of dark matter up for grabs, two go to the first faction to the center and one is left for the second. Once a faction collects 100 pieces of black matter, they win the war and the world map is reset. Everyone on the winning side gets an amazing helmet and a bonus during the next war. The losers, well, get the Bag O’ Shame. The trailer also details the armory, where you can customize your loadout, swap classes, buy XP boosts, or create a clan tag. Hybrid will be available August 8 for 1200MSP.