Well everyone has been wondering why the words DeathSpank are no longer in the title for this so called third installment. As Hothead explains it to Josytiq, this isn’t a bad thing. A rep from Hothead is quoted saying “We haven’t removed the words or name ‘DeathSpank’ from the title for any legal reason. In fact, the title was changed just by asking our fans,”.

Mike Ingleheart; producer from Hothead, then went on to reveal a few more tid bits about the upcoming game. He confirms this is not DeathSpank 3, but a spin off, all its own. Although it will appeal to fans of the DeathSpank, it is also a game for new gamers as well.

Mike Ingleheart also confirmed the return of the ever loved co-op, and stated Bob from Marketing will be “joining the likes of Steve, Sparkles, and Tankko” as playable. Bob is described as “a sleek, business-minded hammerhead shark with devastating catch phrases and an incredible bite,”, on top of this he has a swordfish for a weapon.

Source: Joystiq