Microsoft announced today that a headset will now be included with the Xbox One. Due to the bundling of the Kinect sensor, Microsoft had previously stated that a headset was not going to be included with the console. However, in an unboxing video released this morning, Major Nelson casually revealed that a headset will be bundled with the Xbox One.  In addition, Nelson addressed that the headset will be included in the day one and the standard releases of the next generation Microsoft console. The headset touts inline audio controls and improved audio quality for in-game chat. It will also include a 4k HDMI cable and a controller with the package.

After receiving a large amount of feedback from fans and potential buyers, Microsoft including the $24.99 headset will ease some concerns.  However, whether this will make or break the consumer’s decision to buy is yet to be determined. Will the inclusion of a headset influence your decision to buy the Xbox One?

Source: Eurogamer