Haunted Temple Studios has gone underwater. No they aren’t short on rent or paying their other bills – the studio behind the much anticipated XBLA game Skulls of the Shogun has been partially flooded thanks to a break in a water main in the office upstairs. Studio head Jake Kazdal said he was on Skype with a friend in Japan when heard the “pitter patter of rain” and realized his sweater was wet. Kazdal says, “Luckily we were here awake working and had time to salvage all our computers and books, remarkably few casualties but it was way too close!” He adds that “All my priceless favorite art books got out alive though, and my laptop, hard drives, 3DS, just before the ceiling EXPLODED”.

The team spent the next morning looking for a new studio in a day dubbed “Homeless Temple Studios”. They are temporarily set up in the warehouse next door and are “not moving back”. Sounds like the team is ok as is all their hard work. In fact, Kazdal replied to an inquiring Tweet and noted that the will have “a new trailer available soon with all the latest.” We know the team at Haunted Temple is happy all their belongings made it out ok but it’s also good to hear that there shouldn’t be any major impacts to the schedule of the game.

Source: Twitter @JKooza