Happy Wars Gold

The 13th title update for Happy Wars has been released. The upgrades and changes this time around include support items, which are consumables used to hasten the progress of a character; premium membership that gives different bonuses for an allocated time; and finally, item evolution, where items that reach level 10 can be transformed into an even grander version.

The item shop has also been revised to allow for the purchase of the aforementioned support items and premium memberships. However, item sets have been removed from the shop.

To celebrate this update and new content, there is an in-game event through April 30 during which players will receive an extra 30 percent added on to their multiplayer score, as well as the opportunity to get limited edition gold armor in a new Happy Cards Limited Edition set.

In addition to this update, developer Toy Logic has been busy preparing Happy Wars for a beta on Steam, from April 30 through May 13. More information and sign-ups are available here.

Source: PlayXBLA