Ever since its announcement, fans have been wondering what kind of soundtrack Jet Set Radio HD would have. With music playing such an integral role in the game, questions around the plausibility of licensing the game’s original music line up have reared their head. Sega has clarified the situation, announcing that sixteen of the game’s thirty tracks have been retained and will be present in the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game. As many have suspected, cost and problems getting in touch with several record labels have proven to be troublesome for Sega. On the bright side, the publisher has confirmed that the game will be running at a solid 60 frames per second, the prospect of which should have fans jumping for joy.

For younger generations and those unfamiliar, Jet Set Radio was originally released for the Dreamcast way back in 2000. The game instantly became a cult classic with its bright cel-shaded art style, hip soundtrack and focus on counter-culture. In the game, you take control over a character on rollerblades armed with a can of spray paint and tasked with “tagging” as much territory as possible. You’ll face off against rival spray painting gangs in contests, outrun the police and of course the environment itself, as you perform tricks and turn urban areas into living, breathing pieces of art. To get a look at the game in action, check out the debut trailer here. Jet Set Radio HD is scheduled to hit XBLA this summer.

Source: Joystiq