Hyperactive RPG Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax has received a title update. First unleashed onto XBLA back in June, the game won us over with its tongue-in-cheek style and frantic pacing but it did have a few draw-backs including some seriously dodgy controls on the world map. The new patch however has attempted to address these issues and corrected a few bugs in the process. Complete details are as follows:

  • Control of player movement using the left stick and D-pad has been improved to be more accurate and precise. Now you can improve your clear times and try for higher ranking!
  • The convenience of the multi-player mode has been enhanced.
  • The battle map can now be changed in the Lobby: It is now easy for the same players to enjoy playing in different maps.
  • An option to adjust all players’ cash holdings to be identical at the start of the game, eliminating cash handicaps: progress through the initial part of the game speeds up by raising the cash holdings. Starting with different cash levels could give rise to different strategies, too!
  • A bug or two, including one occasionally preventing exit from a game in multi-player mode, have been cushed… like bugs

If you fancy saving the world in under 30 seconds, again and again then you can pick up Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax for 800 MSP. Check out our review here first if you’ve got a spare half minute!

Source: PlayXBLA