Fans of Monolith Studios’ Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-earth have a vast array of characters to choose from. In addition to the characters included with the game a whopping 14 DLC characters have been released. The latest of these additions are the Elf lord Elrond of Rivendell, and the villainous Mouth of Sauron — once a member of the race of men, now corrupted both morally and physically from years of service to the dark lord.

Both characters are now available for 160 MSP each, and are not included as part of the season pass. Of the 14 released characters, only the first eight are part of that pass. Should you be new to Guardians, the season pass nets you those first eight characters plus a new survival mode for 1200 MSP. Purchasing these nine items separately is 1600 MSP, so you’re saving 25% if you want it all. The Mouth of Sauron character trailer can be viewed above. Hit the jump for Elrond’s.