The latest in a series of Dollar Dash promotional trailers from Kalypso Media Digital has surfaced, revealing the frenzied game modes you can expect to find. For the uninitiated, Dollar Dash is a top-down multiplayer action title from Candygun Games, pitting colorful pilferers against one another in a series of high-stakes hijinks to see who can make off with the most cash. Up to this point, we’ve taken a look at a few of the maps in Dollar Dash, the customizable costumes each character can don, and the creative and fun weaponry and gadgets each thief can employ in pursuit of the purse strings.

The chaotic gameplay unfolds in several game modes, showcased in the trailer after the jump. Among them are Save the Safe, in which you’ll use your wits to grab and hold the safe, keeping it out of your opponents’ reach while they try to steal your victory. Hit ‘n’ Run is an all-out brawl where thieves on the offensive must knock out the opposition through any means necessary. Lastly, Dollar Dash mode requires you to outfit an arsenal of crazy gadgetry as you try to pilfer the most cash, stashing it in your getaway car.

Dollar Dash is coming to Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, March 6. Be sure to check back with us next week, for our official review.

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