Mobile app stores are heavily populated with shameless Super Mario Bros. clones, but the latest entry in the series of the original imitator is now officially headed to XBLA. Publisher bitComposer Games has announced that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will hit the XBLA marketplace in spring 2013. Twisted Dreams, which launched as a downloadable PC title in October, is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign run by developer Black Forest Games. An XBLA release was hinted at during the Kickstarter campaign, but this is the first official acknowledgement that an agreement has been secured.

Although the Great Giana Sisters series began as a blatant rip-off of 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System classic Super Mario Bros., Twisted Dreams sees the franchise continue to establish its own identity. Its art style is now quite far removed from that of Nintendo’s evergreen platformer, and players can switch between two different personas at the press of a button, enabling a variety of gameplay opportunities. Described as the “dream-change” mechanic, Giana can manipulate her dreams, switching between the more agile and graceful “Cute” persona and the more aggressive “Punk” persona at will, with the environments also changing accordingly.

The PC version of Twisted Dreams has reviewed fairly well, maintaining a current Metacritic average of 80. There are no XBLA-specific details at this stage, other than the fact that Twisted Dreams is indeed on its way. As such, the gameplay in the clip that follows is taken from the existing PC version.

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Source: Shacknews