Gerbil Physics was developed by Beringela, now known as Pencel games. It was released on Xbox Live Marketplace December 7, 2009 and cost 80MSP.

Gerbil Physics is a simple block and physics puzzle game. The premise is simple: use a set amount of tools per level to get all blocks below the red line. With bombs, ropes and a disintegrators at your disposal, it’s your job to beat all 24 levels of gerbil mayhem.
Here’s what we liked:

Level design – There are 24 levels in total, each one very different from the last. Every level feels new and interesting, making you not only have to figure out where to use each weapon, but how things will react with the environment. Some levels have bombs on the ground or ledges that you have to avoid, while other levels require you to blast gerbils in a specific direction to collect more weapons just to complete the stage. Brilliant!

Weapons – Gerbil Physics gives you three weapons to complete each puzzle: a bomb, a rope and a disintegrator. Each level gives you a certain amount of each weapon, sometimes not giving you any more then just one. Each weapon affects the gerbils differently. Forcing you to strategically think about the placement and usage of each one to complete the puzzle.

Wipeouts – Wipeouts are Gerbil Physics versions of achievements; they’re earned by completing special tasks. This is a good idea as achievements have definitely changed the game industry for some people all together. Wipeouts give people a reason to replay levels, forcing them to finish specific levels differently. The wipeouts are unlocked in several fashions, such as using only one specific weapon for the level or defeating the whole level with just one bomb.

Gerbils – They’re cute, cuddly, and bring a smile to every ones face, plus they make funny faces whenever you place bombs near them. It’s also a nice break from the normal puzzle block game; we all know how plain colored blocks can become drab after a little while.

Here’s what we didn’t like

Not long enough – Although there are 24 levels to play through, it just goes by so quick. Gerbil Physics is easy to get used to, but seems like it is over just as you’re really starting to get in the swing of things.

Way to easy – The difficulty level starts off very simple in the first few levels, then slowly works it’s way up. Now don’t be fooled, there are a few levels that feel almost impossible at first glance. The problem is, it only takes a moment or two to realize that this is just an illusion. With only a couple tries, you will quickly come to the solution. Another thing that makes this a little to easy, is sometimes they just give you way to many weapons to complete the stage.

Gerbil Physics is a great puzzle game with some very cool weapons. With gerbils, bombs, hook ropes and even a disinagrator it’s sure to bring a few laughs. Throw in the fact that this only cost 80MSP and how can you go wrong? This little title is a must own for any puzzle lover.

Score: Buy it!

(Affect means to influence, Effect is an end result).