The one-year anniversary of the Games with Gold program brings with it the standard two titles each for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as a bonus game for Xbox 360.

The first title for Xbox 360 is Dark Souls. This is an action-RPG for those who enjoy a grueling, teeth-grinding challenge, perhaps even to a masochistic level. The difficulty is legendary, and not for the faint of heart; however, for the grand total of no money, it might be worth it for those on the fence to give Dark Souls a chance and forever be trapped in the mindset of “just one more try.” The game will be free June 1-15.

Next for the Xbox 360, available June 16-30, is side-scrolling brawler Charlie Murder. The colorful visuals and familiar mechanics make this an easy download to queue up. During this same time period, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be available for the Xbox 360. This latest rendition of the classic fighting franchise should leave old and new fans satisfied.

If one is lucky enough to have both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One, the free games keep coming.  Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, which was recently released for Xbox 360 and PC, will be one of the free titles for the Xbox One. It, along with fellow free Xbox One game, Halo: Spartan Assault, are both well-received downloadable games. The promotion dates for these two titles have not yet been announced.

Source: Xbox Wire