Today’s a pretty busy day with a few games sneaking out alongside Forza 7. First up is Let Them Come from Versus Evil. Players take on the role of Rock Gunar, merc for hire, in a fast-paced, bloody, pixel art shoot ’em up. You’ll need twitchy trigger fingers and precision to take down wave after wave of alien enemies. Let Them Come is out now on Xbox One for $7.99.

Mystik Belle takes place at the Hagmore School of Witchcraft where student, Belle Macfae, must save the day in a 2D action platformer. You’ll need to explore all the grounds and catacombs of the school to discover the secret lore behind what is happening. There are numerous puzzles and spells to be solved and used along the way. Mystik Belle is $14.99 and out now on Xbox One.

Next up is Marble Void from Leveled Games, a retro style 3D platformer attempting to capture what made games like Marble Madness and Marble Blast Ultra so fun. There are over 40 levels with various difficulties as well as additional mini-games such as orb drop and endless mode. The game also features a level editor. Marble Void is $4.99 and available now.

Battle Chasers Nightwar is a classic JRPG full of hidden dungeons and areas to explore. There are 6 available heroes to choose from the Battle Chasers comic series and each has their own identities and playstyles. Full of crafting, looting, and an exploration driven story, Battle Chasers Nightwar hopes to live up to the classic genre-greats that inspired it. Battle Chasers Nightwar is out now for 29.99.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen released from Capcom. This ultimate version includes all previous DLC as well as 1080p HD graphics. The game features nine different classes to choose from and dozens of fabled monsters to defeat. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is out now for $29.99