Free-to-play, fantasy card battle MMORPG, Lies of Astaroth released today on Xbox One. The game’s Chinese developers iFreeStudio promise a simple yet deep battle design which should satisfy both hardcore card game fans for strategy depth and causal players for fantasy RPG gameplay. The game features card decks from more than 200 characters with a wide array of skills and spells, and over 40 available ability-enhancing runes.

Lies of Astaroth is currently only available in China, North America and Canada but is a console exclusive to Xbox One and iFreeStudio hope to keep the community thriving with continued support and dedicated events and content updates including a brand new PvP mode.

If you’re on the fence, there will be a special Xbox Live Gold Membership giveaway event to tempt new players, with a one-month Gold membership up for grabs for achieving specific in-game requirements.