In a post over at PlayXBLA, the first Xbox One TV ad was shown, and for an advertisement released first in the American TV market, it has a distinct international flavor. Throughout the commercial, real people and fictional characters across the world invite other people to join the ranks of Xbox One players. The global messaging ties into Microsoft’s broader worldwide strategy, and given the strong European presence, it seems that finally cracking the European market is very high on the priority list. Certainly, any commercial featuring football star Stephen Gerrard is likely to turn a few international heads.

Invitation has an edge, but it stays light and accessible, which is exactly what Microsoft needs in this launch period. Historically, some of the marketing and presentation has been too heavy-handed or has tended to come off slightly tone-deaf, so hopefully this ad marks a major step in what has so far been a promising turnaround from Microsoft.

Though, it should be noted that there is a distinct lack of Killer Instinct in the TV spot.

Source: PlayXBLA