Ever since Atlus revealed that they were publishing the sequel to Trine at E3 this year they have been very tight lipped about it all. But now we have some long awaited details. Trailer and full story after the jump!

Trine 2 is the sequel to last years side-scrolling fantasy title Trine, obviously. And as you may remember from E3 it was announced to have online co-op, be published by Atlus, and that it is coming out sometime in 2011. Now we know that

  • Atlus is still publishing the title
  • It will be released in spring 2011
  • Still has online co-op
  • Coming out on the PC, 360, and PS3

That’s right, us 360 only owners can finally experience this title. And by the looks of the teaser (too short be a trailer, in my opinion) it may be a very foreign game to us, with it’s bright colors and dainty music. How will it fair in the land of gritty brown shooters? We will know in 2011! And check out the trailer below.