FenixRage Boss Fight

Green Lava Studios recently announced that its 2D platformer Fenix Rage will no longer be releasing in the fall as originally anticipated, but will now be coming to Xbox One in early 2015.

Similar to Super Meat Boy, this game is being touted by the developer as “brutal” but with “tight and responsive” controls. Green Lava is saying that thanks to the fine-tuned mechanics, every level is definitely beatable. However, that isn’t guaranteeing it won’t take you hundreds of tries.

Fenix Rage will feature 200 plus levels spread over nine different worlds. For those seeking an even bigger challenge, there will be Challenge and God game modes. If you need a break from the frustration, then try out the arcade mode with mini-games or maybe bake some cookies using one of 10 unlockable cookie recipes within the game.

Make sure to check out this new trailer which features gameplay and player reaction shots from PAX. Spoiler alert: the players aren’t too happy at the end.