A collection of former Lionhead Studios developers have brought Fable Fortune, a free-to-play card game based in the Fable universe, to Kickstarter. As of writing, the campaign has raised nearly $50,000 of the more than $365,000 newly formed developer Flaming Fowl Studios is seeking to raise to help complete work on the collectible card game.

Fable Fortune was being secretly developed at Lionhead during the 18 months that preceded the studio’s recent closure by owner Microsoft. Flaming Fowl managed to secure permission from Microsoft to take the project to Kickstarter, but with Microsoft declining to publish the game, the nascent developer has turned to crowdfunding to help bring its project to completion and release.

Flaming Fowl promises that in addition to drawing from Fable’s lore and gameplay systems, Fable Fortune will maintain the series quirky, British brand of humor. The studio also claims players will have to employ entirely different strategies every time they play the game.

Assisting in the game’s creation since it first began development at Lionhead is London studio Mediatonic Games, which has has some experience working on other collectible card games.

If funded, Fable Fortune will release on Xbox One and PC within just a couple of months of its Kickstarter campaign ending.

Lionhead Studios officially closed down at the end of April after a six-week consultation period, as is standard in the UK. A recent report claimed that Microsoft refused to include the Fable license in any potential sale of the studio turned off most buyers, at least some of which had made offers worth “hundreds of millions” of dollars.

Source: Kickstarter