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Ascend: New Gods, Signal Studios’ (Toy Soldiers) latest game, was revealed today with the above trailer that aired during Microsoft’s pre-E3 2012 media briefing. The cinematic trailer is full of blood and gore — the main character does a lot of stabbing and then flies through the air towards a Titan in a scene that channels God of War 3. Speaking of the main character, he is a member of Caos, “a gigantic race of mighty warriors.” The player-character’s appearance, weapons and armor will all be upgradeable.

Signal says that an ancient prophecy has predicted that the Titans’ reign will come to an end and whichever of the Three Gods is triumphant over them shall rule over mortals in their place. The player must choose one of the (the chaotic goddess of darkness, the zealous god of light or the manipulative lord of the void) to serve as a champion for in this war being waged to bring about the end of the Titans’ rule.

A multiplayer mode that the studio is referring to as “parallel online action” will also be part of the experience. Gamers will work together and against each other by taking their “own private yet parallel paths to Ascension.” Everyone will be playing their own campaign, but players will see other adventurers in their game world and they can then be sent blessings or curses, which sounds like it may have been inspired by the Fable series’ approach to co-op.

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