Xbox announced FastStart, a new feature leveraging the engineering side of Microsoft’s Machine Learning Team. While Xbox Game Pass is fantastic, there is a slightly noticeable difference between its use and say Netflix. You need to download the game. Chances are if you’ve played any of the games offered in the Xbox Game Pass before, you’ve needed to wait a considerable amount of time before you were able to start playing a game. All that changes this month with the announcement of Xbox Faststart at Xbox E3 2018. Xbox Faststart will now all you to start playing a game twice as fast after downloading only a fraction of the title.
So we’ve covered what FastStart is, but how does it actually work? Simply put, Xbox Faststart will identify which files are required for the game to be playable and downloads those files as priority one. This will allow you to get into your title and begin playing sooner and allow you to play while the rest of the game title downloads in the background. All you need to do is find the FastStart-enabled title you would like to play, select download and your console will handle the rest. It’s simplistic!

Xbox FastStart will make its arrival in the June Update available later this month to Xbox insiders. It’s phenomenal to see Xbox continue to make new innovations utilizing the talent behind such a large tech company. FastStart will only be available on select titles and will require at least a 20Mbps download speed. We will be sure to update after we have had an opportunity to use the feature.