Capcom has announced that its 2D “sweep-’em up” title, Dustforce, will be headed to the Xbox 360 this coming January. Developed by Hitbox Team, Dustforce is a platformer in which players must use acrobatic skills to rid the world of dust and filth. There are four different types of characters to choose from in Dustforce: Dustman, Dustkid, Dustgirl and Dustworth. Each character brings a different skill set that will help players cleanse each level.

Online multiplayer will feature modes such as King of the Hill, in which 2-4 players will battle for points by capturing lamps. In survival mode, two players will be able to compete against two others in matches with the objective being to knock the other team into hazards until it runs out of lives. For those who like to clean, there will be 56 single levels coupled with 10 multiplayer maps. More maps will be released at a future date, but they will be free of charge.

As well as coming to the Xbox 360, Dustforce is also heading to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita as a digital download.

Source: Capcom Unity