Update: The Title Update will actually coincide with the upcoming DLC release, apologies for any confusion.

Original Story: Dungeon Defenders received its first console patch earlier this week and fans of the game will be pleased to hear it addresses a number of minor bugs and increases the game’s level cap. The patch is great news for XBLA gamers since it was stated a while back that all DLC available for the PC version might not reach consoles. Trendy Entertainment revealed the full patch details on their official forums or you can read the full list here after the jump.

– Tower Attack Rate scaling improved to PC specifications
– Pet Attack Rate scaling improved to PC specifications
– Giraffes are now awarded at Wave 25 and survival stability is also correspondingly improved
– Mistymire weapons now have their appropriate artwork and will save on your hero. (Which means Mistymire reward weapons should not disappear!) Added DLC 2 (Desert Town) weapons/pet as well for that upcoming release. (There’s a technical issue with the Mistymire pet, so we’re unable to bring that to you. Sorry about that!)
– Raised Level Cap to 78 and added higher-quality items as a result
– Fixed last-minute hero-swapping bug
– Fixed Treasure Hunt skipping issue
– Fixed a potential save corruption case (We never reproduced it here in the office, so this potential fix is mostly guesswork.)
– Fixed bandwidth issue with projectile towers that will also resolve various online latency issues (weapons not appearing, invisible enemies, etc.)
– Squire Towers are a bit less damaging
– You can now have spaces in hero names from the initial Create Hero UI
– Fixed Obedience Training accomplishment to include certain extra Pet variants
– Made Achievements/Trophies attempt to unlock at regular intervals when the Accomplishments are checked (catches any cases where the Achievement or Trophy was not awarded at the time)
– Non-DLC players should no longer have trouble joining DLC Taverns
– Increased the Hero Cap value of all Stats (except for Run Speed) from 70 to 120
– Increased the Mana Cap to 200 million and added four extra item pages to the forge
– Fixed tavern unlock glitch

Source: Dungeon Defenders Official Forums