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The original Dungeon Defenders was an extremely popular XBLA title, and many players have been looking forward to the inevitable sequel for some time.  The sequel is looking very promising — it features an all new competitive mode in addition to the original’s co-op gameplay and will be free to play!  Unfortunately, it won’t be coming to either XBLA or PS3, though next-gen console plans are not out of the question.  The official website for the game currently lists only “PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Web” for its platforms.

In an interview by IGN with the developers of the game, marketing director Philip Asher reveals the reason why the current generation of consoles is being excluded: “The bit of sad news in all of the talk about platforms is that Dungeon Defenders II won’t be releasing on PSN or Xbox Live. “When starting to develop Dungeon Defenders II, we wanted to focus on platforms that would allow consistent updates and cross-platform play. Because of this, we decided to not release Dungeon Defenders II on current-generation consoles,” said Asher. The good news for console players in all of this is that there’s still hope, as Asher added the following caveat, “However, if the next generation consoles fit this bill, we would consider releasing Dungeon Defenders II there as well.”

Hopefully the next generation of consoles accommodates cross-platform play, because if Dungeon Defenders II follows in the footsteps of the original, Microsoft and Sony will both be missing out on a great game. Look forward to continued coverage on the game from our sister site SteamGameFans for now…

Source:  IGN