There’s a lot to learn about Dungeon Defenders, and it isn’t all in the tutorial. The load screen tips are a great source of knowledge as well, but who has time to read those? To make life easier, we’ve come up with this list of frequently asked questions! If there are any concerns that aren’t addressed in the FAQ, please let us know.

Can I take splitscreen online?
Yes! You can take any amount of players online to play with other players.

Do guest accounts have their own characters?
Nope, they take from the main account’s characters. That means guests can be used to level multiple characters at once and farm mana.

Do I have to collect all the stuff on the ground after each wave?
Any items left at the beginning of the next Combat Phase will be sold and the rewards divvied up evenly between all players. Same with any existing mana.

Can I change my character’s stats, name and colors after creating it?
The colors of a character can be changed at any time by going to the “Change” menu before going into Local or online play, same with the Crystal. However, a character’s name can only be changed for 50,000 mana from the Tavern Shop under “Services”. Re-respecializing your character will set you back 100,000 mana.

How do I get pets (familiars)?
Pets can be purchased through the Tavern Shop, or earned from specific levels.

The shop’s inventory changes sometimes, but not others, why is that?
The shop’s inventory takes into account the last level successfully completed. Beating earlier levels on easier difficulties will result in cheaper and less impressive loot, whereas doing the opposite will result in expensive, impressive loot. Use the lock mechanism (pressing the right analog stick) to have the shop hold items you want to purchase later.

There’s a chest on the minimap in the Tavern, how do I get it?
Oh, we can’t spoil that for you, you’ll have to find out for yourself. Rest assured, there will be a sign showing the way when the required action has been completed.

It takes me forever to repair towers or heal myself, why?
Casting speed isn’t just for placing towers, it also contributes to repairs, upgrades and self healing.

What do the guardian pets do?
The  Monk’ guardian increases the tower radius stat, Squire increases health, Huntress increases attack speed and Apprentice increases damage all relative to the Chevron icon in the guardian’s stats. Which tower is being targeted can be verified by a purple flash over the tower.

?What do fairies and genies do?
Fairies heal players and genies grant mana bonuses for attacking, but neither have an attack, just like guardians.

Is there any consequences to dying during the build phase?
While dying during the build phase doesn’t result in a loss of mana, it will lose you the “Invincible” award for the next wave and the “Immortal” award for the whole level.

What does the blue outline around armor icons mean?
Armor sets exist in Dungeon Defenders, but they don’t require specific pieces of armor to be made.  There are five types of armor: Leather, Chain, Mail, Plate and Pristine. There are no inherent quality differences between these five, but if a full set of one type of armor (e.g. all plate) is equipped, every single stat on every piece of equipment gets a +25% bonus.

Argh, there are so many stats, what should I level?
Each character can be built in different ways, check our character guide for tips on that. However, as a rule of thumb, casting speed is always important. For weapons, attacks per second and number of projectiles are incredibly useful. Lastly, for pets, guardian bonuses are very useful.

I can’t place a tower, why not?
Every level has a “Defense Unit” limit, and each tower has a cost in Defense Units which can be viewed by highlighting the tower. The limit is shared across all players.

Someone keeps selling my towers, how do I make them stop?
The only way to stop them is to kick them from the game which can easily be done from the pause menu.

What’s with the treasure chests? Did I earn them?
They have mana and items in them. Levels 1 – 4 (Area 1) have 40M in them, levels 5 – 8 (Area 2) have 70M, and 9 – 13 have 100M. Items don’t show up in chests on the first wave, however, and get more potent as the waves go on. They respawn at the beginning of each build phase, so there’s no reason not to use them.

The menus are being cut off, what do I do?!
There’s a UI scaler in the options menu.

Why does the camera keep resetting after each build phase?
That’s also in the options menu as a toggle.

Do towers block each other’s field of vision or projectiles?

Can I build things during the combat phase?