Strategy breakdown

This is the first huge looking symmetrical map, so it might be a little intimidating first. Walk around the map, breath heavily a bit, then get a Squire out and get ready to lay down some bouncers. Magic blockades aren’t encouraged here due to the geometry, they’ll have to be placed double-wide and won’t take advantage of the fact that most of the geometry involves going up steps. However, it’ll work if properly supported. But that’s not what we’re going to do, we’re going with bouncers. This level has mages and ogres, which are never nice, but also warriors which ignore traps and all manner of civility to hunt down and relentlessly stab your hero to death. However, they don’t attack the crystal.

The squire or squires should grab all the chests in the first build phase and place bouncers at every choke point except 3. The bouncers at 1 and 5 knock enemies off the bridge where they can be taken care of 2 and 4 respectively, and bouncers at 6 and 7 sometimes knock enemies off the platform and have to re-climb the stairs, which is great for auras. Speaking of which auras are amazing here. An electric and snare combo should go up at 7 and 6 and between 1 & 2 and 4 & 5 such that they’re on the lower level but are affecting the wooden plank bridge. 7 and 6 should be backed by harpoon turrets while 1 and 5 should be backed by fire towers.

The last bit of setup of course involves 3. 3 is fun, 3 allows for a variety of styles, however everyone loves slice n dice so let’s use that one. Place a slice n dice right at 3 so that it splits the lane in half, then surround the back end with  spike blockades. Magic blockades are smaller, but they can be used as well if you’re low on DUs, just watch them if enemies start getting back the slice n dice. Just the slice n dice won’t be enough, put a strength drain up there to keep it alive alonger, or use inferno traps to damage enemies as they are sliced to bits. Another method is fireball tower and electric aura.

Overall, this level should be easy unless 2, 3 or 4 go down, because those situations are very difficult to bounce back from. One person should be able to watch the south, and the rest of the players can take care of the north.

Tips & tricks

  • Make sure to start with blockades at each choke point before moving on to putting towers at them.
  • Towers aren’t enough on this map, auras will be a really big help here due to the geometry.
  • 3 should be able to sustain itself, focus repair and hero efforts in the south and around 2 and 4.

Video Guide


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