Happy Action Theater, Double Fine’s slightly psychotic looking Kinect title, will launch next month. No word on a concrete date at the moment, but following the announcement that Microsoft’s annual House Party event is set to kick off on February 15, it’s a safe bet XBLA will be playing host to Happy Action Theater on either February 1 or February 8.

Why wasn’t it included in this year’s House Party line up? Speaking at CES, Double Fine man Mike Schramm told Joystiq that, although they’d love to see Happy Action Theater taking part in the festivities, their target audience was predominantly 2-12 year olds. With Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and I Am Alive heading up XBLA’s digital soiree, the target audience for House Party is likely a touch older.

Revealed to the world last October, Happy Action Theater is Double Fine’s second venture into the Kinect space following its Sesame Street title Once Upon A Monster. It features a raft of quick-fire mini-games including riffs on some old classics. Company head honcho Tim Schafer said of the game last year:

 “We thought it was a great idea to make a game that has no rules, has no failure state. It’s a series of activities for either a birthday party for 3-year-olds or a college dorm full of drunk 20-year-olds.”

Source: Joystiq