The folks at Double Fine Productions recently made Facebook post to update fans on the status of the on-going Trenched to Iron Brigade transition. Here’s the entirety of the lead post:

Dear People of Europe,

I wish we could make things go faster. I could try to explain the long and terrible process that it takes to rename an already-published game, but it would be boring and it would probably just make you angrier than you already are.

I don’t hate you. I love you. IRON BRIGADE is a game about love!

But you make it hard to love you sometimes. You rage on our facebook page. You rage on our twitter. You rage on our forums. You get angry at me, at Double Fine, at Microsoft. I wish I could soothe your frustration and imbue you with the patience of a zen master. But I can’t. :(

We want you to play IRON BRIGADE when it comes out. We want you to experience shooting a Volt Dropper squarely in the face with two King artillery cannons, watching it explode in a shower of sparks and Monovisions. We’re not going out of our way to keep you from experiencing this feeling. Promise!

Our communication hasn’t been great because we’re SUPER BUSY working on a DLC pack that is stuffed to the gills with awesome new stuff. How do you feel about a cannon whose shell sticks around after detonation and collects Scrap for you? IT’S COMING! :D

Please cut us a bit of slack if you can find it in your hearts. So many things about this process are outside of our control here at Double Fine. I just want you to be happy! We’ll let you know when we have some concrete dates!

Brad and the rest of the IRON BRIGADE team

Trenched Facebook Page