Its “Deal of the Week” time once again over at XBLA with three great titles, all up for discounted prices this week and guaranteed to make a big splash in the savings department too. If you missed some of these titles when they first came out or simply felt the price was just a bit to high, then now is the time to dive in and pick up Aqua, Hydrophobia, and/or Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

Aqua, Hydrophobia, and Hydro Thunder Hurricanehave all been slashed for “Deal of the Week”, an Xbox Gold Exclusive Price offer and savings from 33% to 50% off these selected titles for this week only. Check out our reviews here on XBLAFans and take these demos out for a spin if you haven’t tried them yet. Then go on and pick up some of these for a savings as a Gold member exclusive for this week.

Aqua is a steam-punk Naval warfare game of epic proportions, that any strategy/action adventure fan is sure to love. The game has been slashed for only 400ms for this week and saves you 50% off the original price. Next up is Hydrophobia, a third person action adventure/shooter that is set in an amazing floating city. This game has also been slashed for only 400ms and saves 50% off the original price too. Then finishing up this weeks savings is Hydro Thunder Hurricane, the fast paced racing game for speed boat racing fans . This game has you throttled in at only 800ms and at a final savings of 33% off the original price. That brings you three great deals here and all of them are to good to pass up here on XBLA.