The deal this week is admittedly scant on Xbox Live Arcade offerings, but there’s a decent pull or two if you’re looking for a game based on a movie. These deals are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold Members and run from today, October 8, through next Tuesday, October 14. As always, click on the image to go directly to the purchase page.

First up is R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department), the tie-in to this summer’s film of the same name for the low cost of $4.99. A third-person shooter developed by Old School Games – the same studio behind the eerily similar God Mode – R.I.P.D. is a must-own if you’ve ever wanted to shoot monsters as Jeff Bridges in a cowboy hat. Additionally, while not based on a film, the original X-Men arcade brawler is up for grabs this week at $4.99.

RIPD_Art          XMen_Art

Next on the list are a pair of titles from YUKE’s Co., Real Steel and Pacific Rim, loosely based on the licenses from their respective films. Both titles have been reduced to 50% of their standard price at $4.99. Lastly, the best of the bunch is Guardians of Middle-earth at $7.49. A console-based MOBA that captures the essence of Jackson’s expanded Lord of the Rings universe with likenesses from characters in the original trilogy and The Hobbit. All that is wrapped in an admirable translation of a genre that’s notoriously dense, but you could learn more in our review.

RealSteel_Art          PacificRim_Art          GuardiansofMiddle-earth_Art