The titular deal of the week, this week, offers a splash of something for just about everyone out there. Whether you’re into platformers, action and adventure, sports, racers, arcade throwbacks, beat-em-ups or dungeon crawlers — you’ll find something to blow a few bucks on and have some fun in the process. The deep discounts are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold Members, who can reap the savings starting today, through Monday, May 6. Hit the images below to check out each individual sale.

Zombie Driver HD gets things started this week, cleaving its price tag in half at 400 MSP. The classic co-op beat-em-up The Simpsons Arcade Game also enters the list at a paltry 400 MSP. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD follows the half-price trend, grinding costs down to 600 MSP, from 1200 MSP. Rounding out the top-row is the action-movie action game, Joe Danger 2: The Movie. It’s the most expensive of the bunch this time around, but can still be snagged for the discounted price of 800 MSP, down from the original 1200 MSP.

ZombieDriverHD_Art     SimpsonsAG_Art     TonyHawkPSHD_Art     JoeDanger2_Art

Continuing right along we’ve got Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale and Scott Pilgrim The Game each available for 320 MSP, down from 800 MSP. Complimenting the latter offering, Scott Pilgrim The Game downloadable content, Knives Chau Add-On Pack, can be snatched for the pocket change price of 80 MSP. Checking off the “throwback” box, both PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX and X-Men are yours to keep at 400 MSP, half off their original 800 MSP tags.

Daggerdale_art     ScottPilgrim_Art     PacManCEDX_Art     XMen_Art

Another retro platforming classic, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is up for grabs at a meager 320 MSP. Finally, closing shop on this week’s deals are sports-arcade favorites NFL Blitz and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, priced to move at 600 MSP, originally 1200 MSP.

Castlevania_Art   Blitz_Art   NBAJamOFE_Art