There seems to be a fighting theme to this week’s Deal of the Week, with a number of XBLA games in the genre now down to half price for Xbox Live Gold Members:

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown – 600 MSP
Dungeon Fighter LIVE – 400 MSP
Street Fighter 3 Online Edition – 600 MSP
Super Street Fighter 2 THD – 600

Not only that but Fable Heroes is still on sale for 400 MSP, and this week there’s an additional deal: The Secret of Monkey Island SE is down to 400 MSP. It’s been dubbed the “Family Deal of the Week”, but it’s still open to all Gold members. Finally, if you’re in a region with access to the Sales & Specials App, the Scratch and Match losing offers this week are also pretty awesome with Braid for 400 MSP, ilomilo for 400 MSP and Limbo at 600 MSP.


It seems that Activision are also having a publisher sale right now that features quite a few XBLA games:

Arkadian Warriors – 200 MSP
Carcassonne – 400 MSP
Assault Heroes – 200 MSP
Assault Heroes 2 – 200 MSP
Geometry Wars 2 – 400 MSP
Call of Duty Classic – 600MSP